16 October, 2010

“Links To Your Website” in Google

“Links To Your Website” in Google Webmaster Tools will now inform you about the domains that link to your website, besides the other updations. The overview page will now show three main sections:
Domains which link most to your site.
When you click on “More >>” , it gives a list of the doamins that link the most to your website.
Further, “More >>” link under each domain gives a list of the pages linked by that domain and at the top of the page you can find the total number of links from that domain.
Pages on the website that have been linked the most.
Here you can find out the most linked pages on your website, including the link count for each page. This also includes the link redirected using 301 or 302 HHTP redirects.
In "More >>", you may find all domains linking to that page. Each domain that has been listed shows the list of all pages from that domain linking to your the particular URL.

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